Consciousness Shift

Before understanding the present consciousness shift that is under way, and its effect on parents and children, we must first understand the definition of consciousness. According to Webster's Dictionary, the first definition of consciousness is "the quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself." A more personal version of the definition of consciousness is that which watches what you do and what you think; that is to say, an inner observer that is self aware.

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For the purposes of this report a more expanded version of the definition of consciousness will be used. Herein, consciousness is defined as that omnipresent energetic creative force and awareness, which composes all that is: organisms, earth, space, stars, galaxies, and the universe, and which is responsive to thought and, particularly, emotion.

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Ancient religious texts, like the Hindu veda, postulated the existence of such an omnipresent consciousness, thousands of years before the establishment of modern religion, but only relatively recently, according to Greg Bradden and his book, "The Divine Matrix," has scientific proof, for such a definition of consciousness, been established.

Science recently discovered this field of consciousness, this energetic, creative intelligent force, that communicates the present consciousness shift throughout our universe. What's more, science discovered that human DNA influences photons, the fundamental constituents of our universe, from a distance. Not only that, but that it arranges these photons, in an orderly fashion, instantaneously. The medium, through which this interaction transpires, is this omnipresent consciousness field that envelops and is a part of all that is.

According to Greg Bradden, science made a third discovery, relating to this consciousness shift: that human emotion influences this consciousness field. Yes, human emotion, operating through the consciousness field, not only caused measurable electronic changes in human DNA at a distance, but it did so instantaneously.

A fourth discovery, associated with this consciousness, was that positive feelings, such as peace and love, caused human chromosomes to open up, which is associated with healing. Negative feelings, like fear, are associated with disease, and caused the chromosomes to bind.

Using the knowledge, from the research cited above, a study, conducted at a Beijing hospital in China, where three doctors simultaneously thought the healing thought of "already healed," and then focused their heart centered feelings created by those thoughts, on an incurable large tumor in a living human, and caused the entire tumor to vanish in less than four minutes!

The positive consciousness shift in the formerly ill patient that was thought to have initiated the healing was probably communicated via the hearts of the doctors because the heart is, by far, the most powerful electromagnetic emitter in the human body.

The foregoing scientific research, when applied to meditation practice, suggests the following:

  1. Relax the mind and just let go in the way that suits you.
  2. Or focus on the breath: inspire (in spirit) & expire (out spirit)
  3. Decide on a specific intention (a motivating thought focused at a central absorbing point), for example, creating rain in your area.
  4. Direct your consciousness to your heart region.
  5. Using your imagination, see the rain clouds rolling over the hills in the distance, gathering across the region, darkening, smelling the scent of rain, feeling that first drop, hearing it pour, etc.
  6. Intensify your "seeing" imagination as much as possible.
  7. Still directing your consciousness to the heart region, generate and feel unconditional love or joy as you see & feel rain falling.
  8. Intensify the unconditional love or joy feeling as much as possible.
  9. Finally, see that the great storm has brought abundant rain, in other words, it's already done.
  10. Repeat the process in the awake but dreaming state.
  11. Frequently feel your wish fulfilled, and in the ensuing days express heartfelt thanks for the rain.
  12. Do not look for results immediately but do expect results.

Other scientific research found that mass meditation on peace, using similar methods as cited above, led to striking decreases in negative behavior, such as crimes and war. Moreover, the number of people needed to initiate a planetary wide consciousness shift was discovered to be less than 10,000! That is to say, ten thousand people meditating on peace, for example, could create a similar consciousness shift for all 7 billion earthly inhabitants.

In the aforementioned research, it can be concluded that a purposeful consciousness shift in one's subjective reality led to a change in objective reality.

Pertaining to the present, ongoing shift in consciousness, let's recapitulate what we've learned.

  1. Science discovered an omnipresent field of consciousness
    that composes our entire universe and all that is.

  2. This field of consciousness, not only composes everything
    in the universe, but influences everything in the universe,
    including physical matter and our DNA.

  3. Another way of stating it, is that every one and every
    thing is interconnected.

  4. The omnipresent consciousness is responsive to human emotion.

  5. This field of consciousness reacts instantaneously to emotion,
    no matter what the distance.

  6. This field can be used to create consciousness shifts that
    heal human beings.

  7. This omnipresent consciousness field can be used to heal
    world problems, like war.

  8. A consciousness change in subjective reality leads to a physical
    change in objective reality.

  9. Since we are all interconnected via the omnipresent consciousness,
    it is reasonable to assume we are continually influencing one another
    through it.

Evidence that consciousness influences healing has existed for ages. For example, the placebo effect, where a fake, sugar pill medication is given to a patient, evoking healing, provides evidence of the importance of expectation or consciousness' effect on the body. Research indicates the patient's consciousness change, to a more positive expectation, is responsible for the healing. Children may be even more sensitive to shift of consciousness effects since they have not individuated and separated from their parents.

The internet is influencing the consciousness change now transpiring on the earth, by making a wide diversity of information from multifarious sources available to more people than ever in earth's history; thereby, expanding the national consciousness to a planetary consciousness and, even beyond, to a galactic consciousness, or an at one ment consciousness.

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This new consciousness shift, toward an at one ment consciousness, is a definition of consciousness that is new for this planet as a whole, for at one ment is the awareness that we all are one consciousness, in other words, the omnipresent consciousness.

This consciousness shift is already transpiring, but the old must collapse first to make way for the new. One sees the beginnings of consciousness change in the fall of the world's outmoded, corrupt, fear based, financial, medical, religious and political institutions. Just like the chromosomes that opened up due to positive emotion and initiated healing, so is the heart of humanity opening, with unconditional love, and creating this consciousness shift. What affects one person affects all. What affects one country affects all countries. This realization is the shift to a single planetary consciousness and a seeing and experiencing ourselves in each other, as our separation dissolves into at one ment.

Who are we really? The only thing we can be: omnipresent, infinite consciousness, not atonement but at-one-ment. We are creation and infinite love experiencing carnal form.

This consciousness change, toward a new definition of consciousness, emphasizes the fact that we are each part of this omnipresent consciousness, indistinguishable from it, and thus responsible to it as co-creators, in at one ment with this all encompassing creative consciousness.

Why is this consciousness shift important for parenting? Because, whether we realize it or not, we're influencing consciousness, both consciously and unconsciously, all the time. We're affecting each other and our world. We are influencing our children, even when we think we are not. If we want a better world for our children, we need to use this research that has been known by the ancients, but somewhat forgotten or suppressed by the culture in which we live, consciously to improve our world, instead of unconsciously harming our world unintentionally.

Why is knowledge that gives one the ability to affect consciousness important? The simple answer: It could empower you to manifest who you really are. And, it would allow your children to be who they really are too. And is not that what we all want for ourselves and our children?

We've seen that positive parenting creates healthy successful children and families.
Negative feelings and thoughts create the exact opposite. The medium is this omnipresent consciousness. Create positive thoughts and feelings and change the world and our children for the better through a shift in consciousness.

What does this consciousness shift, signifying a new understanding of the definition of consciousness, mean for parenting healthy children? It means:

  1. Parents giving themselves the time to experience this
    consciousness shift and no longer living their lives in reaction
    to intimidation and fear.

  2. Parents deciding what is right for them and their children
    and not depending upon the former outdated medical,
    financial, religious, scientific and government institutions
    to tell them what to do with their lives and how to think.

  3. Parents taking responsibility for their own education and
    their children's education.

  4. Parents, realizing that their children are eternal beings,
    and as such, should neither treat their children as
    if they own them, nor mold them to some preconceived
    parental ideal, but are their caretakers and protectors that
    allow them to discover who they really are.

  5. Parents empowering their children via positive parenting.

  6. Parents creating change in schools and other institutions
    through the self empowerment that this consciousness
    shift brings.

  7. Ultimately parents can create their own reality by taking
    responsibility for what happens to them.

This consciousness shift means an inner evolution toward one consciousness or at one ment, and the ultimate realization there is only one of us here....

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